Ezagutza eta teknologiaren transferentzia

Chronset, an automated tool for detecting speech onset.

Full citation: Roux, Armstrong, & Carreiras (in press). Chronset: an automated tool for detecting speech onset. Behavior Research Methods

eDom, Relative meaning frequency norms for Spanish and English homonyms, and supporting software.

Full citations: Armstrong, B. C., Zugarramurdi, C., Alvaro, C., Valle Lisboa, J., & Plaut, D. C. (accepted). Relative meaning frequencies for 578 homonyms in two Spanish dialects: A cross-linguistic extension of the English eDom norms  

Armstrong, B.C., Tokowicz, N., & Plaut, D.C. (2012). eDom: Norming software and relative meaning frequency norms for 544 homonyms. Behavioral Research Methods, 44(4), 1015-1027 

EsPal, Web interface to Spanish word frequency data and other word properties based on written and subtitle corpora.

Full citation: Duchon, A., Perea, M., Sebastián-Gallés, N., Martí, A., Carreiras, M. ( 2013 ) EsPal: One-stop Shopping for Spanish Word Properties. Behavior Research Methods, 45: 1246-1258 

LSE-Sign. A database of 2,400 LSE (Spanish Sign Language) signs and 2,500 pseudosigns.

Full citation: Gutierrez, E., Costello, B., Baus, C. & Carreiras, M. (in press). LSE-Sign: A Lexical Database for Spanish Sign Language. Behavior Research Methods 

MacArthur-Bates CDI, Words and Gestures (CDI-WG) or Words and Sentences (CDI-WS).

Subtlex-GR, A subtitle-based word frequency database for Modern Greek.

Full citation: Dimitropoulou, M., Duñabeitia, J., Avilés, A., Corral, J.& Carreiras, M. (2010). Subtitle-based word frequencies as the best estimate of reading behaviour: the case of Greek. Frontiers in Psychology, 1:218, 1-12.pdf icon 

Syllabarium database, Complete statistics for basque and spanish syllables.

Vocabulary Size Calculator. The applet enables researchers to estimate infant and toddler vocabulary size from his/her score on.